Add employee

To add a new employee, go to the “Employees” tab and click “+ Add employee”.
On this page you enter the employee’s personal data.

When creating a new employee, it is required to fill in a first and last name. If you want to give the employee access to his dashboard, do not forget to add his email address.
Please select the contract type and if the employee has fixed contract hours, indicate these hours per day. All user information can be added by clicking on “All user information” in the top right corner.

By default, the new staff member receives an e-mail with his/her login credentials, the system generates a password which can be changed.
Once the employee is created, the employee can immediately log in to the account.

Edit employee
To edit employee information, go to the “Employee” tab.
Here you can see the list of employees of the department.
When you click on the name of the employee and go to the tab “Edit”, you can edit the employee information.

Delete employee
To remove an employee, click on the bin icon on the right side of the employee, a confirmation is requested before removing the employee.

When you confirm this request, the employee will be removed and marked as a inactive employee. These employees can be found under “Old employees.”