Configuring Datafox

The integration settings can be found under: “Settings” > “Integrations”, “Configure” behind the DataFox integration.

Here you will find an overview of all linked terminals by DataFox. If your terminal isn’t available yet, contact DataFox. DataFox support: +31 (0) 85 201 38 52
When you click the “Configure” link, you can map employees.

Linking a terminal to a location or department
If you work with multiple terminals, they can be linked to a certain department.
This way you can make sure that clocked hours always fall under the given department or location.

Linking a key to an employee
If there is no (rfid) key in the system yet, you can add it by holding the key by the terminal. The key number appears in the display of the terminal and in the application.

When you use a fingerprint scan terminal, you can learn it a finger by swiping it three times. Once a finger is added, its number will appear in the application summary. Multiple fingers can be added in this way.

The matching employees  can be selected behind the added keys.
Once saved, the key is successfully mapped.

Employees will now be able to use the online clock terminal with the given key or fingerprint.